Our Method

This is how we bake our bread. From long proving times, to using only the finest ingredients, we’re always striving for perfection to continue to bake fabulous bread – why not take a look?

Dough is produced the day before baking...

We don’t want to bore you with science. Baking bread is an art. Preparing the dough 24 hours before allows the natural sour fermentation to take place. Without these 24 hours you wouldn’t get the brilliant taste of Geary’s bread.

Longer proving times...

A longer prove time creates the more intense natural bread flavour you associate with craft bread.

Baked in small batches

We bake in small batches and for longer to give our bread its unique intense flavour and great texture.

What’s the difference? Craft vs plant

There are several differences between craft and plant baking. It's all about the time. On average we take 6 times as long to create our unique award winning bread. Our craft baking method allows flexibility, we are able to adapt the process depending on the product. We batch bake to suit the product, before cooling by fans and moving by hands, which helps maintain its structure.

What’s the difference? Craft vs plant