Our Breads

Recipes have been passed down through the family, with each baker adding a hint of individuality along the way. Based on tradition, but never afraid to try something new, we’ve grown into one of the UK’s biggest independent craft bakeries.

Classic white bloomers. Malted loaves. Rustic wholemeals.

Classic white bloomers. Malted loaves. Rustic wholemeals. Pure Sourdough. All part of the wide selection of award-winning breads that you’d expect from a master craft baker. And we’re always hungry to create new and innovative recipes too.


So why not check out our Ciabattin® (a mash up of ciabatta and the sour dough process), or take a bite out of a bloomer? One thing’s certain. We’re sure you’ll love the taste, texture, smell and care we put into all our bread, just as much as we do. It’s that passion that’s at the heart of our bakery – a family business, with a love of baking at its core.

Love Our Bread?

If you love our breads as much as we do and are interested in finding out a bit more about how we could work with you, get in touch.